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July 26, 2013
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Pokemon Fusion 11 Mewthree (Porygon + Mewtwo) by BonnyJohn Pokemon Fusion 11 Mewthree (Porygon + Mewtwo) by BonnyJohn
Only one organization could create such abominations and bring them about the world…Yes, Team Rocket is by and large responsible for the genetic modifications and birth of Pokemon fusions! During the Mewtwo project, a rogue sect of the development team went about to utilize Team Rocket’s vast resources and funds to entertain their dark visions. As if Mewtwo wasn't enough, these scientists continued to splice genetic codes from their already large collection of specimen to create a new set of abominations…And this is one of them.

Mew-RZ / Mewthree
Original: Porytwo (Porygon + Mewtwo)
The Virus Glitch Pokemon
Type: Psychic/Varies
Ability Multiple: Download + Trace + Pressure+Conversion
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Moveset: Interchangable + Customizable

Psycho Cut
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
Aura Sphere


The Rocket Fusions Lab came to a complete silence. The scientists of the room were having trouble contemplating the task they were just given. Giovanni had just left the labs, personally speaking to the team about the latest fusion that had been discussed for the better part of a year between himself and the higher ups. It was time to re-open "that" file. It was the case that nearly destroyed their entire operation as a superpower, but also gave birth to the Fusion Project in the first place. It was their greatest failure, and success.

Mewtwo had nearly killed all of the personnel at a secret Rocket lab the day it escaped. The failure tugged at Giovanni day after day. He sought to create a Pokemon stronger, and intended to avoid the pitfalls from the original project. Either way, Mewtwo would be drawn to the lab and Giovanni would have a chance to recapture it. Either that, or Giovanni could possibly kill the mistake he produced and truly nothing would stand in his way.

As Mewtwo was a creature born of multiple failures before perfection was realized, previous samples of its DNA and genetic tissue were still intact, although many were lost in the destruction of the lab it was conceived in. Rocket scientists used Porygon, Porygon 2, and Porygon Z to utilize their super computer processors to rebuild the Mewtwo code in a digital format. Mew, being a parent to Mewtwo, held the notion that it was the ancestor to all Pokemon. Thus, rebuilding Mewtwo's code involved seeking out multiple modern day Pokemon and fusing them, one by one, abomination by abomination to reach Mewtwo's code.. Each fusion continually grew more grotesque than the last. One Rocket scientist committed suicide after he was unable to continue the treachery that Giovanni forced onto his team.

After some time, the fusions came to a halt. The scientists were unable to get past their current level of fusion, no matter what combination they tried. The monstrosity that stood before them, "Zeta" as he had come to be known as in the lab, began to exhibit functions outside of its current program. The various Porygons that that had been put to work on the project began to calculate new formulas to "imprison" the growing fetus but Zeta was already far more intelligent then they. Zeta, using its dormant psychic abilities by accident began to read the "minds" of the digital pokemon. What would have been a mind-meld was actually an organic being "downloading" digital data into its cerebral cortex. In minutes, Zeta created a formula for the digital realm to meld with the physical world around him. Zeta broke out of its container, as deja vu began to spiral into the minds of the Rocket scientists fleeing the lab.

However, Zeta, the monstrosity that followed the footsteps of its predecessor, killed the scientists without any mercy. Using his psychic abilities, he crushed their internal organs before tossing their limp carcasses aside. Zeta, still a child whose organs were not optimized and properly grown, began having trouble breathing and fell to the ground. Fortunately for he, Mewtwo arrived at the lab, having a premonition that this event was to unravel.

Mewtwo looked around the devestation it caused and instantly recollected its own past. It had the choice of killing this abomination, for it was unnatural and unjust, but who was he to pass judgement? Was he not born of the same conditions? Mewtwo, who cursed its birth, decided then maybe it was best to end the suffering of Zeta.

It was at this time however, when a single low level Porygon, the only one which had survived the download process that rendered the other Porygon 2 and Z's immobile and defunct, came to the rescue of Zeta. The reason for which how this Porygon survived was due to the fact that as a first generation of the evolutionary line, it was running a different operating system then its evolutions. As Porygon 2 and Z did the heavy lifting for the programming sequences for Zeta during its incubation, Porygon ran background processes and therefore went unnoticed. Porygon began a wireless uplink to Zeta and acted as a buffer to Mewtwo's psychic ability with a "firewall". Porygon sacrificed itself to send Zeta's brain/mind into a digital cloud, where within nanoseconds it learned all it could about Mewtwo. Through the internet, Zeta learned of Mewtwo's origins, its appearance, attack movesets, and other tendencies. Zeta embraced Porygons physical form and began to rebuild itself as he modeled himself after his predecessor, Mewtwo. Thus, Zeta became a combination of both Porygon and Mewtwo. However, due to Zeta's incomplete incubation and Porygon's system limitations, he could not fully download his form as intended, thus Zeta found himself stuck in a glitch.

Mewtwo, taken aback began to attack the creature with powerful psychic attacks, but it had no affect. Zeta was too advanced against the now "outdated" Mewtwo. He began to slip between the physical and digital realm, computing in his mind Mewtwo's next attacks and reading his brainwaves. Zeta eventually re-emerged in his virus glitch form, releasing unbelievably powerful psychic attacks that crippled Mewtwo.

"You are weak, and a failure," called Zeta.

"I will take your image, and walk with it. I am both you, but I am also I. I was created to realize the destiny you abandoned. My designation has since altered, Mewtwo. I will end all that which you failed to do."


Personal Commentary

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that this is going to be last Pokemon fusion for some time! I have a lot of other projects to start, continue and finish, so I'm going to focus on those and deliver them to you all in due time. That said, I wanted to really come out swinging for this one. There are definitely a few other fusions I wanted to tackle but perhaps I'll save them for a "season 2".

Anyway, Mewtwo is among my most favorite Pokemon of all time. Not only was he a total badass in the lore of the TV show but was the star of the first movie which was a big deal when it was released. Of course, he was a total beast in the game and Mewtwo was my very first holographic Pokemon card I got when my mom bought me 3 booster packs when we went to Brooklyn as a kid for something she had to do for work. I also got a Scyther in another booster pack and then a Pokemon Breeder and those were my first 3 rares.

All that said, Mewtwo is a fan favorite so I had to do him justice. When it came to a fusion, many could have worked. I was thinking of doing a ghost fusion (gengar) double psychic (alakazam) and even a silly fusion (for a brief moment I chose tangela so I could give him a head of hair). I had the concept of adding a Porygon for the two are artificially created Pokemon, one more so than the other. It's said in lore that Porygon was created by Silph (owned by Rocket) so it would make sense the two Rocket creations came together. The idea of having a pokemon has powerful as mewtwo having technology at its fingertips to download attacks, create digital armor (think mass effect) and fight on both the physical and digital plane was too awesome to pass up.

The concept of having a glitchy Pokemon simply sounded cool, and turning a glitch into a virus, which would be two good works to define the original Mewtwo played powerful themes in its design.

Originally, I had a fleshed out Mewtwo who was simply colored red and blue, like Porygon but it was very boring. By creating an all black Mewtwo that would play "dress up" and download its design which was ever changing gave me a lot of freedom for design.

So yeah, I think that's all for now folks. Hope you enjoy! :D

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